We would like to begin by saying welcome to our website!

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We breed Rottweilers with famous German pedigrees and lines. All adult Rottweilers and

Rottweiler puppies possess sound temperaments, healthy powerful bodies, excellent massive bone structure, working ability, and extremely high intelligence that we use. These dogs are calm, trainable, protective, courageous and devoted to their owners and family. Obedience training is essential. 

The male Rottweilers we use for stud service also offer the highest quality temperament and working ability and pass that on to their puppies. Our Rottweilers are primarily family companions with excellent guarding ability instincts. At our kennel we breed only Rottweilers of substance, bone, and typey heads. The results of such pairings can be seen in the consistently high quality Rottweiler puppy offspring we've produced and these puppies also have extraordinary breed type as well as sound minds and bodies.

A long time ago, back in 1995, we were introduced to the Rottweiler breed. Although it wasn't so long ago, we think a whole eternity has passed.

The kennel is not a business, but mainly a hobby. Namely the aspiration to the quality but not quantity of the breed. With our first litter in December of 1998 our kennel became reality.

We could not even imagine how our life would change when we brought a small puppy into our home. 391125 10201215293685303 877798088 nOur wardrobe changed little by little to things which were easy to clean from dog's hair. Although we noted that the main criterion for choosing our car was a big rear compartment for the dog. Besides, we started vacationing in places where it was possible to play with a dog. May be some would say that this is a limitation, but we like it!

We are members of the ADRK, VDH and FCI. We are located in Bad Oldesloe(Germany).

Thanks again for visiting our site and we hope to see you at the shows!